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Garage Door Repair Newark
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For homeowners having trouble with their garage door opener systems, fast and affordable relief awaits you, and all you have to do to get it is call us – Garage Door Repair Newark! Our highly skilled and very experienced technicians are adept at repairing and servicing all sizes, types, and brands of residential garage door openers.

If opener repair is not an option, we stock and install all of the major opener models including all of their options and upgrades. The bottom line is this – your home's opener system is in good hands with us, whether it's your present unit, or a brand new one.

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Q: How do I know if I need opener repair or replacement?

A: Our Newark garage door repair technicians can determine that for you. We will make every attempt to repair and maintain your present opener unit. If you do need replacement for your opener, we stock, install and service all major types of openers on the market today.

Q: Are there warning signs that my opener is about to break down?

A: Sometimes, there are no warning signs and your opener just won't work. Other times, you may smell a smoke-like odor, hear the chain making noises, hear the motor running; but the door won't move, or the opener may act like its trying very hard to work. Call our technicians if you notice any of these indicators, and let us diagnose the problem.

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Q: If I do need a new opener, does your company provide installation, as well?

A: Sure! Garage Door Repair Newark can install any of the 4 main types of residential garage door openers, including their options and upgrade additions. These types include:

  • Jackshaft Openers
  • Belt Drive Openers
  • Screw Drive Openers
  • Chain Drive Openers

Each type has its own unique characteristics and benefits and we'll go over them with you when you call us. Newark garage door repair location offers the complete range of opener services and products. Call us for more information, or to set an appointment.

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