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Your home's garage door consists of many different parts (over 100) but it's your springs that perform the heavy lifting every time you come and go from your house. Imagine lifting a wall of wood or metal weighing in excess of 200+ pounds several times a day, every day for years! As consumers, we scarcely notice these springs until one day; they no longer work as well, or at all. If this happens to you, be sure to call on  Garage Door Repair Newark for fast and worry-free spring repair, or replacement.

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People often ask us how to tell if their garage door springs are starting to fail. Aside from no opening or closing of the garage door, you can look out for these classic symptoms of garage door spring failure:

  • Your garage door hangs lopsided when raised in the “up” position.
  • You hear your opener motor humming, but the garage door won't go up or down.
  • You attempt to raise your garage door, but it starts to fall back down suddenly.
  • You try and raise or lower your garage door but instead, you hear loud and unusual noises (bangs and snaps).

If any of these indicators happen to you, call Garage Door Repair Newark and get professional springs service that is not only affordable, it includes fully warrantied parts and labor.

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Q: I was thinking of changing out my garage door springs myself in order to save a little money. What do you think?

A: Bad idea! Every year many people are needlessly injured by their own garage door springs due to lack of tools, training, and experience. This is a job for professional springs technicians like ours here at Garage Door Repair Newark. Over the years we have safely and professionally repaired, or replaced hundreds of sets of residential garage door springs. With our expert assistance and our very affordable rates, why risk injury, cancellation of your warranty, lost time and money? Call Garage Door Repair Newark and get many more years of dependable and reliable springs service with just a phone call.

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